Information for New Students
and their Families

Help in Choosing an Instrument

The Video below provided by the Army Field Band is a great resource when choosing your instrument. Musical Adventures provides beginning instruction on Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Percussion. These are easy starting instruments for beginning students. The other instruments demonstrated are more challenging for a variety of reasons. It is recommended that students interested in these "step-up" instruments start on one of the basic instruments offered and then transfer to these "step-up" instruments later.

Students interested in oboe or bassoon should start on clarinet.
Students interested in french horn should start on trumpet
Students interested in tuba should start on trombone
WELCOME TO MUSICAL ADVENTURES! We hope that you find the following a helpful tool for learning about our award winning instructional program.


All students will receive a 15 online private lesson each week. Student will also have the opportunity to participate in an "in person" band. Band classes will be held "in person" where possible at affiliated schools. For students not attending an affiliated school or where the school is too small, band rehearsals outside of school time will be arranged in addition to the private lesson. Beginning students are eligible to participate in most optional band activities such as spring trips, marching band and Christmas and spring concerts. Musical Adventures adheres to NJ Core Content Standards with the goal of preparing interested students for future high school preparation.

Joining band lessons is easy! Just follow these easy steps:

1) View the "choose an instrument" video and choose your instrument. If you need additional help please feel free to contact Mr. or Mrs. Mallinson for assistance.

4) Click on the online enrollment button to find and submit your online enrollment form.

5) Lessons for beginning students will begin with "in school" classes where we will help students learn to care for their instrument and get their first sounds. When ready students can join our exclusive "online private tutoring lessons where they will receive individual instruction and be able to proceed at their own pace.

2) Order your instrument. If you already have an instrument or are borrowing one from a friend or relative, that is ok. We will be happy to check it over for you. If you need assistance in acquiring an instrument, a link(below) is provided for our approved dealer. Hunterdon Music. Most new students rent their instrument for the first few months to be sure the like it before purchasing. If you choose to rent from Hunterdon Music. Your instrument will be delivered directly to school on your child's lesson day.

3) Need help deciding? Don't worry. A demonstration assembly and free trial lesson will be held in early September for students who would like additional assistance choosing an instrument,