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Musical Adventures is making live online lessons available to members of our Musical Adventures family. Private lessons are currently 15 minutes in length and can be scheduled Monday- Wednesday from 2:30pm-6pm (September- June). Summer lessons are available, free of charge, for students enrolled for the upcoming school year (see schedule).

To schedule a lesson simply click on the lesson scheduler button. You may choose any day or time that works for you. Lessons must be scheduled at least one day in advance. Click the Mrs. Mallinson scheduler if Mrs. Mallinson is your teacher. Click the Mr. Mallinson scheduler if Mr. Mallinson is your primary teacher.

At your appointed lesson time, click on the start lesson button to begin. Lessons are given through the "ZOOM" app. On your first visit, you may need to download the Zoom app. and create a username and password.

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IMPORTANT: A password is now required to log on the password for both sites is: music
If asked to choose a Meeting Code for Mrs. Mallinson use - 6036842233
If you have any difficulty joining your lesson call 908-268-6525 and we will be happy to assist you.
Click here to schedule a lesson with Mrs. Mallinson
If asked to choose a Meeting Code for Mr. Mallinson use - 4246339229

May 10 6pm-        Concert at St. Matthias School

May 11 6:30pm-   Concert at St. Therese School

May 17 8:30am-    Assembly at St. Augustine                                       School
MAY 25  7 pm-      Performance at St. Matthew

May TBA-              Assembly  St. Ann School

May 20-                  Final day of "in school" band                                   classes for this year. Zoom                                     lessons will continue

MAY 21-                 Band TRIP/PERFORMANCE 
                               Dorney Park report at 10 am

July 15-                  Final Day of Zoom Lessons                                    until September

September 1- Band Lessons Resume